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Henna comes from a small shrub brush that grows about 4 feet high called lawsonia inermis. It is grown in various tropical climates of Asia and Africa.

No. In fact, henna has a cooling, refreshing effect on the skin, most people comment that it is very relaxing. Henna not only feels good, but it also has a therapeutic aroma. The henna tattoo designs are applied topically with an applicator and the process of getting a tattoo is like putting frosting onto a cake. Your skin absorbs the henna so that there is no breaking of the skin by henna tattoo.

Yes. A henna tattoo will stain the skin from 1-4 weeks. Generally most people get 2 weeks. The variation of the stain depends on where you put the henna design, where the pores are larger, the henna will absorb more, therefore leaving a deeper, longer stain. Then when the henna fades, it fades completely, leaving no marks on the skin.

The henna will develop into a rich, dark brown. When the henna paste is removed from the skin, the color’s first stage is a pale orange that develops into a reddish brown within the first 24 hours. Within the following 24 hours, the reddish brown darkens to its starkest shade of a rich brown. Gradually, the color will fade completely.

Depending on the size and intricacy of the tattoo, the cost will vary. Henna Body Art is available for higher at an hourly rate, or for individual appointments.

Henna Body Art brings along its creative Henna Art and Henna Body Painting, to share with you. We include all the latest trends that come in; to give you continues variety of henna body paint and temporary tattoos Australia.

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