Baby Shower Parties

Make your baby showers special by hiring henna artists for the occasion

Babies mean blessings. They are a new found hope that keeps you excited about the future. Baby showers are hence special occasions that you celebrate to keep expectant mothers in high spirits. You literally shower the expectant mother with gifts and advice to bring in the young one into the world with smiles galore.

Henna for Baby showers

Make the baby showers you host absolutely special for every guest by hiring a henna artist to elevate the festive spirit. The occasion is a preamble to new beginnings and new trends. You can make that message obvious by bringing in a change with the henna artists. They add to the verve and give your celebration a whole new dimension.

Hosting a baby shower can be quite cumbersome. On one hand you have to ensure you invite all the guests and on the other you have to ensure you keep them engaged. Women flock the occasion to share their experiences with the soon-to-be-mom and also to have a merry time in the gathering. Henna artists can make the occasion far more memorable by captivating one and all with their magnificent tattoos.

The old generation as well as the new appreciates tattoos. Tattoos symbolize beauty. They symbolize your sensibilities and in some cases also reflect on your beliefs. Though there are many how love to adorn themselves with tattoos, they just do not enjoy permanent tattoos as much as the temporary ones. Henna can be used to design some of the most exquisite temporary tattoos. They radiate joy and beauty and are apt for the baby showers too.

Why choose Henna Body Art?

When you talk of a party, there are many dynamics that come into play. You want your guests to feel comfortable, at home and also have a time they will remember for life. All this and more can be made possible with Henna Body Art. The team at Henna Body Art comprises of thorough professionals who can blend effortlessly with any crowd. They also have the expertise that can help them modify their designs as per the occasions and the need. With all this, you can be sure your guests will be absolutely contented with the artists.

Other Services

Women are considered to be the epitome of beauty and henna enhances the beauty in each of them. There are limitless occasions for which you can hire our services. Be it private celebrations, hens party or corporate parties, our team is eager to serve you in each occasion. Refer to our “Services” page to get details on all services we offer.


Explore the world of designs by taking a look at our online gallery. Through the gallery, we showcase some of the most appreciated designs our team has created. The designs can stimulate your creativity too and you can see our team effortlessly blend in you celebrations.


Our team has incessantly worked to meet the expectation of our customers. Here is what some of our customers have to say about us.

I hired professionals from Henna Body Art after hearing about them from my friend. They made the baby shower absolutely special to one and all – Lily John

Henna Body Art is absolutely professional in its approach. I was very happy with their level of commitment. Small acts like reaching the venue on time and being polite to every guest speaks volumes of their professionalism – Elizabeth Dory

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If you have made up your mind to hire the henna artist for the baby shower you are hosting, all you have to do is call 0409-504-094 or 0421-062-396 to place your request. Alternately, you can send a mail to and our team will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours. You can also place your request through the “Contact Us” page on our website. Make the decision today and see the baby shower become a great success.

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