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Plan bridal showers with bountiful memories – Engage a henna artist to work the magic

Are you planning to host a bridal shower for your loved one? Then you must be quite busy drawing a list of guests and planning the event. You are going to gift the bride bountiful memories and hence a meticulous planning is a must. Hire a henna artist for the event and see your efforts turn into a great success.

Henna for bridal showers

Bridal showers are occasions when you try to give your loved one all the attention she deserves. You offer your assistance in the preparations but most importantly, the bridal showers are wonderful ways of letting the bride-to-be know that you really care. It is one occasion when women gather to have a wonderful time to gift her memories of a lifetime.

Hiring a henna artist is a unique way of adding fun to the event. Every woman nurtures the need to look beautiful, so decking her up with attractive henna tattoos is a wonderful way to make her feel pampered. The henna artists are spontaneous and can churn out different designs to suit every woman. The women also get the freedom to decide where they want their tattoo done. All this adds a tinge of excitement not just to the bride-to-be but to every woman attending the bridal shower.

Why only Henna Body Art?

There are many sources from where you can hire henna artists but Henna Body Art is the best. Henna Body Art is creativity personified. Each artist is spontaneous and can tailor their designs to suit the requirement of every woman. They use genuine henna which is rich in color and safe for all skin types. They will easily fit your plan posing no budget constraints. Henna Body Art offers services at prices that are affordable to all. Explore and enjoy the success with Henna Body Art.

Other Services we offer

Henna designs are a rage today. They are especially appealing to all those women who love tattoos but cannot endure the pain of getting a permanent tattoo done. Henna Body Art is aware of this and we try to reach out to audience on various occasions like private celebrations, corporate events and baby showers among many others. Find a complete list of services that we offer through the “Service” page on our website.

Gallery – A window to introduce you to the art

Explore the designs by visiting the online gallery on our website. It will give you a glimpse of the perfection of our team. If you are new to henna designs and want to know where exactly they can fit in, our gallery can set your imagination soaring. No matter what be the celebration, you will know that a henna artist can make it complete.

Testimonials – What our satisfied customers have to say

Henna Body Art has garnered the appreciation of many through the years of service we have rendered. Here is some of the feedback that our satisfied customers have conveyed to us.

“I chose Henna Body Art because I wanted the best for the bridal showers I was planning to host. They made the party a grand success with their expertise” – Barbara Johansson

“Whoever says that only expensive parties are successful must explore adding the henna artists from Henna Body Art as part of their celebrations. It is amazing that such fine work of artistry can be availed at affordable costs. I am totally impressed by the team at Henna Body Arts” – Mary John

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Hiring a henna artist from Henna Body Arts is very simple. Just call 0409-504-094 or 0421-062-396 and let the team know that you are looking for a henna artist for bridal showers. You can also send an email request to and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours. If you are planning to visit our website, you can send a request through the “Contact Us” page and we will get back to you ate the earliest. Host the best bridal showers every, hire a henna artist to make the difference.

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