Hen’s Night Party Celebration

Make your Hens Night celebrations a great success – Hire a henna artist today

Do you want to have a fun night out with the all the girls just before tying the knot without the interference of either their boyfriends or husbands? The hens night is the perfect occasion to catch up with them and enjoy a few hours of complete freedom, fun and frivolity.

Henna for Hens Night

Hens night is as much an enjoyable occasion for women as the stag night is for men. The concept of just drinking, making merry and gossiping about the girl next door during the course of the hens night is quick becoming a passé. Today, there is an increasing need to make the hens party more fun, inventive, exciting and adventurous than ever before.

There are many options you can consider to spruce up the hens party, but the one that attracts ladies in droves is henna. Henna is one of the most versatile herbs in terms of application. This is the right choice for ladies who don’t want to go in for a permanent tattoo because of the fear of needles and the resultant pain. Henna, when applied over a particular part of the body, imparts a particular colour and glow that catches the attention of the onlookers. This is akin to a temporary tattoo that fades away over a particular time period.

Engage the services of henna professional for your hens party to make it a huge success. Women can tattoo themselves with any image of their choice and pleasantly surprise their boyfriends, partners or husbands back home. It is hard to find men who are not turned on by the myriad hues and colours of henna!

Why choose Henna Body Art?

Our henna artists are among the finest in Australia, with years of experience to their credit.
They are experts in their art and highly versatile in creating unique and artistic designs that are bound to leave everyone spellbound.
The henna mix that we use is safe. We do not use allergy causing ingredients that may cause damage to the skin.
We also offer custom-created henna mixes based on customer specifications.
We are nominally priced as compared to most of our competitors.

Other services

Our henna artists offer their services not just for hens night celebrations, but also to other major events. Some of the other events we cater to are corporate parties, bridal showers, baby showers, bar mitzvah and many more. You can visit our ‘Services’ page for more information.

Gallery – Designs that can leave you spellbound

If you are unsure about or not heard of henna designs or tattoos, but find this concept interesting, visit the ‘Gallery’ section for a sneak peek into some of the most unique and intricately done designs and henna tattoos.

Testimonials – What are satisfied customers have to say

Henna Body Art has been offering its services to a large clientele for many years now and here is what our satisfied clients have to say about us.

“Henna Body Art delivers on what it promises. I wanted to make my hens party a great success and booked an artist. And, I think it was one of the best decisions I ever took. My friends were more than ecstatic with the designs and temporary tattoos.” – Amanda Beauford

“I was referred to Henna Body Art by one of my friends who had availed their services. Though I was skeptical initially, I realized that my apprehensions were unfounded. The henna artists are highly professional and skilled in their art and work on intricate designs to perfection. Thanks, Henna Body Art, for making my hens celebrations a great success” – Cynthia Thomas

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Want to avail the services of a henna artist? All you need to do is just place a call or send in a request and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours. You can book a henna artist for the hens party by calling 0409-504-094 or 0421-062-396. You can also send an email request to info@hennabodyart.com.au and we will revert within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also fill out the form on our ‘Contact Us’ page. Our henna artists will arrive at the venue on time and make sure you hens party is a huge success!

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