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Weddings are special because they herald the transition into a new phase of life. They take you a step closer to realizing your dreams of nurturing a wonderful family. This is an occasion where you want all your loved ones to come and bless you as you exchange vows for a promising future. The heart brims with gratefulness to one and all and you will surely be trying to find ways to let them know about it. Hire henna artists for the weddings and let your guests hear your untold words with ease.

Henna artists for Weddings

Weddings are occasions where traditions come alive. They are also a time when old meets the new since old traditions are combined with new practices with the intention of keeping the guests contented and happy. You will constantly see people exploring various options to keep the guests involved in the festive spirits. The increasing demand for henna artists is an indication of the same.

Henna is an herb passed down from ancient times. The herb was used by women in the earlier years and is equally popular till date among women. Today, henna is used to create magnificent tattoo which is a rage in the current generation. When you hire henna artist for your wedding, you are giving your guests a chance to beautify themselves with designs of their choice. The artists are versatile enough to create wonderful designs on any part of the body to enhance the beauty of the women.

Why choose Henna Body Art?

• Our team at Henna Body Art believes in staying ahead in the competition.
• We use the best ingredients so that it causes no harm to the skin.
• We also want to reach out to everyone who wants to avail our services. We have hence priced our services reasonably.
• Our team has a detailed understanding of the art and has the capacity to create designs that can blend with any occasion of your choice. All this makes Henna Body Art stand out from the rest.

Other services on offer

Henna Body Art caters to various celebrations and parties, imparting a festive feel to the occasions. We offer our services for various events like private celebrations, corporate events and baby showers among many others. Explore the array of services we offer through the “Services” page on our website. Our team is ever eager to hear from you.

Gallery of designs and tattoos

While henna is very popular in some parts of the world, it is gaining popularity in the rest. If you are new to the world of henna designs, take a look at our gallery and familiarize yourself with the designs. You will also get an idea of the occasions for which you can hire our services.

Testimonials – Hear our customers speak

• “I’m glad I hired henna artist from Henna Body Art for my wedding. My friends and relatives enjoyed getting the tattoos done through them” – Anne John
• “There is no doubt Henna Body Art is the right place to go to when you want to make your wedding memorable. The team here is highly professional and passionate about their work. They made my wedding absolutely special for all” – Lisa Hayden

Book a Henna artist

Booking a henna artist for your wedding is absolutely simple. All you have to do is call 0409-504-094 or 0421-062-396 to let us know you are interested. You can mail us at and our team members will get back to you to know the details. You can send a request through the “Contact Us” page on our website. So hurry, make your wedding special by hiring henna artists for the occasion.

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