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Be it a birthday bash or a wedding anniversary, celebrations herald renewed hopes even as you celebrate a glorious milestone. It is such celebrations that keep you rejuvenated every year. Such occasions are also special because it involves your near and dear ones. There is insurmountable joy in sharing the joy with them. You obviously want them to have a memorable time at your private celebration.

Henna for private celebrations

Nonstop music and games are always a part of celebrations but so too is good food and fine wine. If you want your guest to remember the party you hosted, you need to add that extra zing that will refuse to fade from their memory. Hire a henna artist to offer their services during the party and see the world of difference it can make.

Henna, an ancient herb, can be used to weave some of the most intricate and rich designs on any part of your body. While permanent tattoos are a rage, many women dread them for the pain they must endure while getting them done. Women choose to get their tattoos done with henna instead since it involves no pain. The designs spell grandeur and make you stand out in crowds.

There are henna professionals who can be hired to show their proficiency in the party. The professionals will add the welcome change that makes your party completely different and unique. The guests will have wonderful memories of fine art that adorned them in the private celebration that you hosted. This is enough to make your party like none other.

Find the right professionals at Henna Body Art

There is a set of people who consider henna designs as more than mere decorations. These are the professionals that have studied the art and inculcated various styles into their designs. The professionals see a glimpse of history in every style even as they adapt it to suit the future generations. All this shows their proficiency in the art. You can meet such professionals at Henna Body Art.

Henna Body Art gives great importance to their customers. This value is well imbibed by its staff. Hence when you engage a professional from Henna Body Art for the private celebration, you can be assured utmost satisfactions with their services. Even small details like reporting to venue on time to bigger issues of creating a festive atmosphere through the designs, are all taken care of when you have such professional at your service.

What more can you look out for

Henna body Art does not limit itself to private celebrations alone. We take great pleasure in offering our services at multiple events like bridal showers, corporate events and bar mitzvah. We have listed our services on the “Services” page of our website so that we can lend ourselves to our customers more efficiently. Find all related details on the website and get in touch with us at the earliest.

Glimpse through Gallery

If you have only heard of henna artists so far but are not sure of what they actually do, our website will give you a glimpse of all details you will need. We showcase some of the best designs on our website so you can work your designs and see them come true with our henna artists by your side.


Henna Body Art has been actively involved in many celebrations. They have made impressive statements with their art and expertise. Here is what our esteemed clients have to say in this context.

“Henna Body Art has lived up to its promise. My guests were completely impressed with the private celebration I hosted for them which had some of the best henna artists as part of it. The expertise of the artists left my guests stupefied and wanting for more.”- Roselyn Mary

“Henna Body Art has a thorough set of professionals. They also charge very reasonably for the remarkable services they offer. I hired their services for my private celebration and am very satisfied with them”- Catharine Brown

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Booking a henna artist for your private celebration is now simple. You can call 0409-504-094 or 0421-062-396 to place your request. You can also reach us by mail. Send your service request to and we will revert to you within the next 24 hours. If you want a more direct approach, simply fill up the “Contact Us” page on our website. Our professionals will cater to every request of yours with utmost value for your time.

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