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Cultural events are celebrations that highlight a particular culture and honor its customs and principles. These celebrations bring together people from various communities to learn and enjoy various cultures and have fun and make merry. While dance and music were the only important elements of these functions in the past, it is not the case anymore. Today, people look for something unique and distinct to make their cultural events a success and draw crowds in hundreds and thousands. If you are also looking for that unique solution, then we have an answer for you!

Henna for Cultural Celebrations

Henna artists can prove to be major crowd pullers for cultural parties. Henna is an integral part of tradition and culture in many Asian countries such as Iran and India. However, the popularity of henna is increasing globally, thanks to its versatility. Tattoos are a rage in the modern world. But, not all people would like to have permanent tattoos etched on their bodies for reasons more than one. The best solution in such cases is temporary tattoos. And this is exactly what henna helps you achieve.

By inviting a henna artist to be a part of your cultural events, you are encouraging people to try out the intricate designs these artists can create. This is also the right opportunity for people to try out tattoo designs and see how they look. The henna artists can create myriad tattoos including necklace tattoos, bracelet tattoos and tattoos on the back, around the navel and on the hand. They can shed their inhibitions and try out the henna tattoos since they are temporary and fade away with time. However, the memories of your unique cultural party will remain etched in the minds of people forever!

Why choose Henna Body Art services?

  • The lead henna artist at Henna Body Art, Benkush, has been rendering her services at cultural celebrations for many years.
  • She and her group of henna artists have gained the repute of being the best in Melbourne in terms of henna art.
  • Their skill and knowledge of this craft is unparalleled and they can create intricate and complex designs in a matter of minutes.
  • The henna they use is made of anti allergens that ensure no harm to even the most sensitive skin.
  • We offer the best pricing as compared to our competitors.

Other services we offer

Henna Body Art caters to many more special occasions in addition to cultural events. We offer henna services to occasions such as hens night, baby shower, bridal showers, weddings, corporate events and many more. The detailed information can be found on our “Services” page.

Gallery – Designs that can leave you spellbound

If you are unaware of henna designs and but would like to know more about the designs and tattoos we create, please visit our “Gallery” section. You can take a look at the various designs and tattoos we have created thus far. You can either take your pick from the designs you see here or get us your custom design so we can create it for you.

Testimonials – Here is what our satisfied clientele have to say

“I came across Henna Body Art on the internet when I was searching for options that could make a difference to our annual cultural celebrations in Melbourne. I can say I am more than happy that availed the services of Benkush. She is deft in this craft and created wonderful designs that left people asking for more!” – Jacintha Dias

“I didn’t know Henna could be so versatile until we booked a Henna artist from Henna Body Art for our cultural celebrations. We were thrilled by the response to our event and guests were more than ecstatic” – Cynthia Mehgan

Book a henna artist today

If you are organising a cultural event for your office, friends or community, get in touch with us now to book a henna artist. You can either call us on 0409-504-094 or 0421-062-396. You can book the artist for the cultural celebrations by filling out the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page or sending an email to Do reach out to us now and see the difference we bring about!

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